Rest Stop Station

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Abed, Ahmad
Qadah, Ala’a
Sawalmeh, Ala’
Hbeashe, Aseel
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A design for a rest stop station was done between Nablus and Jericho city. the level of services safety standard and public facility provided on the road were improved in an integrated way which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects a great challenge to create a desirable place with a noise reduction, economically, environmentally-friendly and comfortably where been accomplished. Architecturally, a design of four separated blocks with a steel canopy supported on ten concrete long columns above the fueling area, six underground fuel tanks were positioned below ground and one underground water tank with three distributed tanks above ground. the distribution of spaces was according to their functions and the orientation of the station. Cafeteria, minimarket, bank branch, ATM, and toilets spaces were existed inside block one, while praying rooms for men and women, pharmacy, clinic, general service office, security room and car accessories retail were located inside block two, for the car maintenance and washing operations were inside block three, and for the final block, management and protection issues were inside it Structurally, the four blocks within the canopy were considered in the design process through ETABS and SAP programs, taking into account the most appropriate type of design. Environmentally, through INSUL program the sound transmission class were dedicated for interior and exterior walls, heating, cooling and day lighting design were done through Design Builder program and shading, shadowing, day lighting factor, RT60 and U-Value were done in ECOTECT. Mechanically, diameter of pipes, size of ducts and type of HVAC system, drainage and water supply systems were calculated and chosen appropriately. Electrically, types of lamps, uniform distribution for lamps, sockets and switch, EDB and earthing system were designed through DIALUX EVO, Moreover, safety aspect were included in the four blocks through fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and heat detectors that distributed in each block.