Analysis and Design of Nablus-Qalqilya Highway : Qusin-Jeit Section

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Ahmad Taha
Bilal Zedan
Lara Sabobeh
Shahd Tom
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Nablus-Qalqilya Highway is located in the south-west of Nablus. It extends from Jeit intersection to the center of Nablus.The road is of great importance on the national level, as it is considered an essential arterial road for many people who enter Nablus from Tulkarm, Qalqilya,Salfeet and other areas. It is especially important for employees and university students who enter Nablus city in large volumes during short periods. This project while deals with the section from Qusin intersection to Jeit intersection, will have a significant impact, once improvement of the road in conducted, especially for the part that contains many successive curved sections with less than adequate radii, which in turn causes many black spots with high potential of crashes. The current conditions of the road are not satisfactory, as related to limited capacity, high congestion, and unacceptable design standards set for arterial roads. The project aims to evaluate the current situation of the road, to provide applicable solutions for each problem and to prepare a design for rehabilitation of the road. In the first part of the project, governmental and private institution have been visited to get the available existing data. Also, an overall site investigation has been done to explore the current status and collect data that has been analyzed later. Traffic analysis and existing geometric conditions assessment and safety study have been conducted. The outcome the assessment is that there is a great need to develop the road to accommodate the future traffic and enhance the geometric design. Three alternatives were proposed in Graduation Project I, and four more were generated in this part. The most suitable conceptual design was chosen and then developed using Civil 3D software based on AASHTO 2011 design criteria. This alternative is 2.95km long that includes a new alignment of 1160m, while the rest of the alignment is the current road way but with full right of way width of 30. The design includes the preparation of plan, profile and cross sections of the road as well as intersections and pavement design. The calculation of quantities and costs related to the construction of the road were also conducted. The overall estimated cost for the construction of the road is about 5 million USD