Water Supply Sources Management of Al-Sha’rawiah Area

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Ahmad Al-Ali
Jehad Awad
Zaher Saifi
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Water is the main source of life for all creatures in the world. One of these creatures is human who uses water more than any creature. Most of human activities need water such as trade, industry, farming, construction and for human life. Due to the increase in the population in the Palestinian cities and towns the use of water has increased. But there are some obstacles prevent the supply of the required amount of water to these agglomerations. Some of these obstacles are the increase of temperature and the reduction of rainfall over the last few years. The political condition in the region affects water supply negatively, it limits the usable water resources and the areas that are populated, so this leads to provide the inhabitants with less amounts water than the required. One of these regions which suffer from these problems is Deir Al-Ghusun town. Deir Al-Ghusun was chosen as a representative sample of the Palestinian regions that has problems in water supply demand and consumption. Moreover, the topography of the town and the growth of population pose a challenge for the distribution of the water in the town. So, the existing water distribution network needs to be analyzed to check the effect of the mentioned problems on and to redesign a new water distribution network that provides water supply for the given demand at the minimum construction cost and maximum efficiency for the next 30 years since the existing water network suffers a loss equals about 40%. The proposed water network will be designed under different conditions and scenarios. The most efficient design is to be selected based on cost and design criteria. To achieve the proposed objectives, the required data will be collected from Deir AlGhusun municipality and the questionnaire papers that will be given to villagers. For instant, GIS data (e.g. contour map, road network, and houses distribution) will be obtained and processed. WaterCAD is to be utilized to analyze and redesign water distribution network. Also, a proposed plan for management of water supply sources will be done for AlSha’rawiah area to cover the gap that may happen in water supply after 23 years in the six agglomerations in this area. The gap will be covered by a proposed plan which consists of new water supply sources (proposed groundwater wells), water tanks, pumps and conveyance lines between the six agglomerations and this plan will be divided into small parts called packages. The time and the cost for each package will be determined.