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Dawod, Shahd
Qanaze, Mohamed
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context: With the development of technology and the means of modern technology, the combination of medical aspects and technology has become a necessity for a quick and accurate diagnosis of emergencies and other diseases. Now a person can know what hit him while he is in his place with all the information he may need from the doctor nominated to take care of him or the correct methods of care and instructions for dealing with the disease. objectives: We believe modern health care means patient-centric healthcare, so we aim to create an application that fulfills the following 3 goals that are: make healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone, receive the right care at the right time and make medical care decisions within everyone's reach. method: we conducted a literature review by searching the database on current systems related to our project and their advantages and disadvantages. Result: We have created an application check-up disease that tries to fill the gaps in the old systems, as it helps patients by choosing the patient symptoms of the disease. The application provides the appropriate diagnosis and offers the patient consultation with an appropriate doctor. keywords: Mobile application, check-up disease, emergency situation, symptoms, quick diagnosis, deep diagnosis, first aid, and doctor's consultation