Business plan and warehousemanagement for start-up company Rent’ n Connect

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Bitar, Zein
Abdalqader, Yousef
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Rent’ n Connect provides high speed unlimited WIFI portable devices for travelers in all over Turkey. It serves customers from over twenty-four countries. The company faces a problem with growth rate which is decreasing to 46% in 2018 compared to 150% in 2017. In addition, they are facing operational problems which lead to backorders, delayed orders and replacements. This project focuses on the service that the company provides inside Turkey and suggests solutions to maintain a high growth rate and improve the managerial system to maintain this high rate and address the operational difficulties. Analytic models and industrial engineering tools were used to decide the best options that will increase performance. The core of this project is to provide a new product categories with a full business plan for the company to fit the different customer requirements, target new customer segments and warehouse management to avoid operational problems and increase the customer service level. The methodology used in the project basically includes qualitative data collection, quantitative data collection, data analysis, applying business plan seven elements for the new product, forecasting and finally the inventory modeling using Q and P models. This project provides five new product categories (limited data internet hotspot) that the company can offer in addition to the main product (unlimited data internet hotspot). The new categories will be feasible and will increase the demand. Last but not least, forecasting for one year were calculated for the main product of the company then inventory management models were implemented to improve the performance and ensure quality. Moreover, conclusions were drawn and recommendations were provided for the company. Finally, introduce an approach for Rent ‘n Connect for