Snake Hunt

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Maryam Sholi
Yara Haydariah
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Recently, technology has found its place in society, as it dominates most of our lives. And the use of technology has become a necessity in every aspect of our lives, from the simplest to the most complex. One of these branches is the entertainment aspect as a great development has recently appeared on games to become more intelligent than before. In this project we are controlling the game of Snake in a smoother way so that we control the movement of Snake without the need for a tangible controller, We will instead use a glove that contains sensors that track the movement of the hand in any direction it will be, and therefore the Snake will be moved in the same direction that was created. As for how to display the game screen, it will be a group of LEDs in the form of matrices. There is a display screen through which the number of points that have been recorded is shown.