Applying Lean Tools and Developing Improvements at Palkarm Factory

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Duaibis, George
Abu-Odeh, Khaled
Daraghma, Maen
Al-Ahmad, Rami
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Cosmetics industry is one of the developing industries in Palestine and so is the Lean Manufacturing System applications. And because the Palestinian cosmetics industry faces a fierce competition from external competitors, adopting Lean Manufacturing principles became more necessary than before. So this project’s main goal is to implement a theoretical Lean Manufacturing System on cosmetics production lines for Palkarm factory. In order to achieve the project’s goal, one product: lipstick has been chosen according to Pareto’s 80/20 rule, in which the 20% of products that have the 80% of sales have been chosen. Lipstick product’s production line will be analyze and then develop by using a suitable tools of Lean Manufacturing. These tools are Value Stream Mapping and 5 S. To apply Lean Manufacturing it’s necessary to understand the existing situation to find rooms of improvements, so the existing system was studied and analyzed. Timing of each process was taken, process flow chart, flow between machines and the factory layout were drawn and Value stream maps were made. As it was noticed that the existing work place had low efficiency and it was messy and not organized also the value added time was very small portion of the total lead time, so a new production system was proposed . 5S system which consisted of all needed techniques to organize work area and reducing the waste time. After implementing 5S, a new production system with new arrangement of materials and items, sweeping list and check sheet, standardized work process, a good improvements appeared when a comparison was made between the existing situation and the proposed situation.