Taj Mall

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sawafta, Saleh
Mosallam, Aysar
Azhari, Lutfi
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Taj Mall e-commerce website and mobile application, which has plenty of functionality that aim to facilitate many things between sale and purchase. The goal of this project is to support the local market by tool that covering market needs and allow to any trader to view your product in market. In addition, any person can buy when he in home by PayPal card on the internet or payment when receiving. Moreover, this project provides auction system as part from website, through it any trader can add product and buyers can put price this process through period time and then purchase proving on someone of buyers then buys. Furthermore, every person register in this website will get a rank; through it will receive offer and discounts. Traders can participate in auctions through this website, and buy and sell special products through these online live auctions. Also, project support cash process, which distribute of advertising funds and money of traders' subscriptions to support product in market, then it will be priced less. As well as implemented website by Laravel Framework and mobile application by Ionic Framework.