Design of a Wastewater Collection Network for Al-Attarah Village

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Abdallah Fouqha
Anas Hantoli
Mohammed Abu Asbeh
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AL-Attarah village is located to the southwest of Jenin, 21 km away at an elevation of about 350 meters above sea level. It had a population of 1683 inhabitants in 2017. Al-Attarah village does not have wastewater collection network (WCN), As such, people in the village still use cesspits to get rid of wastewater. Once cesspits get full, they are being disposed by tankers to the nearby wadi. Consequently, there exist a serious environmental problem that affects the quality of life in the village (e.g., the potential pollution of groundwater aquifer). As we headed to the water department in the village, we asked for the needed maps which are: contour map, structural roads network and distribution of buildings. We had entered these data to SewerCAD software for the design of WCN. The objective of this graduation project is to design a WCN for Al-Attarah village by using the SewerCAD. The WCN is designed based on gravity as the topography of the village allows. The WCN was accomplished based on acceptable design standards and specifications. All relevant data were collected from different sources. Such data include, contour map, roads network, distribution of buildings, water resources and population.