The possibility of transforming a traditional existing building into a sustainable building

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Baraa Surakji
Bara’a Shaer
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The Palestinian society is one of the most needed communities to protect their environment oppressed by the Israeli occupation as it is the most need to reduce water in its life activities due to its lack of control over its natural resources. In addition it urgently needs to find alternatives to energy sources for the same reason hence this project came up to the idea of looking at Green sustainable Buildings. Therefore, this project studies the nature of green and sustainable buildings and the difference between the two terms. It also highlights the systems used in these buildings and their impact on the environment and society. Perhaps the most important goal of this project is the possibility of converting a traditional existing building into an environmentally friendly building. There are many challenges that this project faced, including choosing the building that will be retrofitted , as there are many conditions and requirements that must be available in the building in order to be retrofitted , such as providing enough space around the building and also that the area of the roof should meet the purpose that some systems need. Therefore, the Faculty Of Physical Education building at An- Najah National University was chosen for this purpose, as a system for collecting gray water and then reused it for toilet flushing will be designed and another system to collect rain water from the roof of the building. In addition, this project examines one of the most important systems used in green buildings, the green roof system, in terms of the benefits and features that this system adds to the building, system components and cost.