Integrated design of Al-Bukhari Center for Qur’an Memorization

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Ghassan Hamdan, Mohamad
Daragmah, Raif
Jalal Atout, Hilal
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In this era and with the progress and development of life, engineering has become concerned with human comfort and well-being, as well as preserving the environment through the integration of different engineering disciplines. Integration between the different engineering disciplines (architectural, construction, environmental and mechanical) in modern buildings is an important requirement to achieve the purpose and goal of building in the best possible way, and at the highest level to achieve environmental preservation, reduce non-renewable energy consumption and basically achieve user comfort and well-being. And that is through the use of materials that are permanently available in the region and that are renewable and non-polluting to the environment, making the best use of alternative energy in all aspects of thermal and lighting, and even in obtaining electricity; Which makes the building environmentally friendly. Where there must be harmony between architectural, structural, environmental and mechanical design in an integrated manner; To achieve the best service from these specialties, one specialty should not work without the other. In this project; Will study the Al-Bukhari Center for the memorization of the Qur’an located in the city of Nablus on Al-Mareej Street near Tala’a Al-Amal School and also near the Swaiseh Mosque, and will analyze the building architecturally and environmentally and work on a structural design for it later. Will collect the information needed to analyze the project from the site and the building's architectural, functional and environmental needs. Will do the analysis and design of the building through different engineering programs such as RetScreen, Design Builder, DIAlux, Revit, ETABS, PV System.