Structural Analysis and Design of Clock Tower Jenin-city

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Ahmad Allam Lahloh
Abdullah Saed Haj Ahmad
Sari Younis Zaza
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The main objectives of structural engineering are to satisfy stability, strength and serviceability requirements of structures. Those requirements could be applied to one of the new projects or new design structures like the clock tower in Jenin. The clock tower is a multistory newly constructed building that consists of eight floors having a total area of 8875 m2. This building is considered as a commercial building and a vital spot in the city, it also took the city to another level of prosperity and beauty. This tower was chosen for this graduation project to understand the complexity of such a building and applying engineering concepts. Design will consider both; gravity and earthquake loads. In this project all structural aspects of the building like gravity and earthquake loads will be studied considering analysis of all structural elements in the building. These includes slabs, beams, columns, footings, stairs, shear. For the process; multiple tools will be used like (ETABS) for the analysis and design of 3-D modeling beside 1-D and 2-D manual verifications. International codes as (IBC 2018), (ASCE07-16) and (ACI318-14) will be used in our design. Final results will be presented as detailed structural elements using AutoCAD drawings.