Smart Cleaner Robot

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Yazan Alsade
Ehab Dweikat
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The idea of the project is a robot that searches for garbage on the ground, then removes it by suction and cleans its place. This idea came specifically to help people, especially the elderly, who suffer from physical and health problems, as the robot rotates automatically using an algorithm called Wall Following. When the paths are closed in all directions, the robot goes into a dead end state and then rotates 360 degrees to find an alternative path. In addition, it is controlled via Bluetooth. And based on our observation of huge robots in large factories that do cleaning, these robots are directed by the user to paths at the end of which are designated places for unloading dirt, so we represented these paths using the black line, and the robot can avoid any obstacles on its way to the waste dump area and on Mostly at the other end is one of the workers who unload the dirt from the place designated for the robot, and the robot that we built gives some information that makes it easier for the user, such as the percentage of charge using a sensor, and it also gives the percentage of water in the tank used for cleaning . When the robot is done, it sends a message to the mobile phone to indicate that it has been completed.