Smart Parking system

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Hamdan, Aseel
Azar, Bayan
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These days, people are interested in technologies that make their lives easier and save their time,there has been a tremendous growth in the number of vehicles on road in past few years,but unfortunately the road networks and road widths have not grown in proportion to vehicle numbers. This has created in huge parking cri- sis .In traditional parking system the driver may waste his time inside the parking in search of an empty place, and the parking unfortunately, may be full, also this system need an employee in front of the parking gate to collect the wages from the drivers and help them find an empty place. This project comes to organize cars in the parking without human intervention,the driver can know if there is an empty slot or not through the screen in front of the parking ,the driver will be provided an entry RFID card he will need to maintain a minimum amount of balance in it for getting access through the parking,otherwise ,the system will deny the access to enter. When the balance stored in the card runs out, the driver can recharge it. This parking consists of an automatic gate, and two car parks, right parking and left parking, with two counter screens displaying the number of empty slots in each.