Structural Design of Al- Jama’a Tower in Jenin–Palestine

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Abdalla Dashoun
Amal Zakaria Ammar
Mays Hamdan
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A tower is chosen to be designed in a city of Jenin where buildings are mostly 20 m high , to introduce this type of structure to our community. Many important aspects will be covered in the project, such as project description, hypothesis Goals and objectives, main assumptions and proof of results. Moreover, designing a tower is a challenge, the plans need to be fully understood, which contain a lot of details, and all loads shall be accounted for. The goal is to provide a safe and economical design of all structural elements. The tower was built on the southern side of Jenin city. It consists of nine floors with a total area of more than 12,000 m2 and is used for different uses. It contains underground floors for parking, two commercial floors and residential floors. The project was implemented in two parts, in the first part, the following issues were implemented: reading architectural planes , estimating the different types of loads the structure is subjected to, assuming the initial dimensions of the structural elements, and modeling the modern structure Computer programs such as ETABS and SAP2000 are based on the latest updated global structural codes , such as ASCE7-10, ACI 318-14, etc. The second part includes the design of the structural elements of slabs, beams, columns and walls, in addition to the design of the footing using SAFE2020 . At the end of this project, all structural elements were designed based on the specifications of the mentioned codes.