Meet me(GemIsland)

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Diala Hamadneh
Areen Aljondi
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Nowadays, there are many social network games which are considered as a way of social interaction between you and your friends.GemIsland is an isometric network social game in which you can customize your own character then you will enter a virtual island to find the treasure. At the island, there exist a limited number of small treasures which are shared between you and other players. Each time you find a small treasure you will be released from a trap, or you will take an information to help you to find the treasure. At any time you will be able to see your friends movements, but the hints are private. Every player will have his own view, character, scores and his own hints.We will use LibGDX as the android engine to develop our game. Initially we collected all of the requirements related to the graphics then we started to design the game and implemented the main features and finally, we connected it as a networked game.