Structural Design of Al-Fidai Stadium

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Khader, Bisan
Abu Oun, Yasmeen
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Al-Fidai Stadium is the largest stadium in Palestine and the first in terms of its capacity, as it seats about 50,000 spectators. It will be located in eastern area from Nablus City. And this site will be chosen due to the importance of the location of Nablus City, and especially this location as contains appropriate spaces for the size of this structure, where this stadium needs field area equal to about 54000 m^2. The stadium consists of four floors and steel structure that forms the coverage of the stadium, which located about 4 meters away from the perimeter of the main building. For this project, the analysis and design process will be done for the concrete and steel structures. For the concrete structure, the analysis and design will be done for gravity loads and seismic loads, whereas the analysis and design for the steel structure will include the effect of wind loads, gravity loads and snow loads. The design of the concrete structure will include the design of the beams, columns and slabs, whereas the footing design will not cover in this project. And according to the steel structure, the design will include the members and the connections. In the structural design stage an up-to-date code like ACI 318-14, ASCE 7-10 and IBC 2012 used as a reference. A structural report prepared in addition to a professional structural drawing using AutoCAD 2017 program.