Analysis and Design of Beit -Imreen- Jabaa Street.

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Bara Awni Faqeeh
Ameed Mohammad Hasson
Anas Mohammad Hasson
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In any region of the world the transportation sector is one of the most crucial sectors to the economy and development of that region. Transportation matters cross over many other vital problems affecting the world, such as population and economic inflation. This creates the need to implement a proper methodological approach for solving problems in transportation. This Graduation Project (GP) is concerned with transportation problems in Palestine, taking Beit-Imreen - Jabaa Street as a case study. This street spans over 7.5 km and is very important. The main objective of this project is to collect and use this data for analysis of traffic, geometric, and pavement-structure conditions for the current situation and for 30 years to come. The approach to achieve the stated objective of this project is through field visits and investigation of existing maps and documents of the study area, inventory of geometric and traffic conditions, estimation of future traffic, and pavement analysis. This was based on international standards and specifications such as the American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) guide for design of pavement structures, and the Highway Capacity Manual. After studying Beit-Imreen - Jabaa Street and collecting all relevant data required for the project, three things were done: a performance overview from observations, traffic and LOS analysis of current situation, and structural capacity for the pavement for current and future considerations.