Environmentally Friendly Restaurant Design

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Ghanem, Hiba
Hamarsheh, Nada
Qadi, Zeina
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Nablus city is one of the largest cities in the northern governorates in the West Banks. It is located in a strategic position between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerzim and occupies an important commercial, economical, intellectual and cultural position within the Palestinian territories. The restaurant has been designed as an environmentally friendly restaurant on the Al-Juneid, Ring Road Street behind An-Najah National University. For the environmental aspects restaurant all openings have been designed to get the best daylights, in the structural side two way ribbed slab has been used with drop beams. To get these results many programs and codes have been used like Uniform building Code (UBC97) and ACI 318-2008 the structural design have been built by Sap 19 and ETABS 2016, Revit have been used for 3-D models and AutoCAD for 2-D plans. ASHRE standard for heating, ventilation and air conditioning have been used, In addition to that DIAlux evo, which used for lighting design depending on MEEB specification. Design builder have been used for heating and cooling design and Ecotect have been used for daylight factors and acoustics design.