Hand Gesture-Controlled Car Robot

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Helo, Reham
Mousa, Isra
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In many application of controlling robotic gadget, it becomes quite hard and complicated when there comes the part of controlling it with remote or many different switches, a new concept is introduced to control the machine with the movement of hand which will simultaneously control the movement of robot. A gesture controlled robot is controlled by using hand in place of any other method like buttons or joystick, therefore in our project we aim to make a joyful wireless hand gesture recognition car robot for kids that’s can move in all direction which can follow the commands made by hand gestures, control and change the speed of motors and record the hand motions in order to repeat the car movements. This project based gesture controlled robot by using Arduino Uno to control the car movement and speed, ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance, a gesture hand which includes Arduino Nano, three flex sensors and accelerometer and gyroscope sensor, that will understand the movement of hand in a specific direction which will result in the movement of the robot in the respective direction. The robot and the Gesture device are connected wirelessly via master and slave Bluetooth module, that will enable the user to interact with the robot in a friendly way.