Foundation Design for A Multi-Story Residential Building

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Jaber, Firas
B3ara, Zeiad
Bishawi, Omar
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Nablus City is one of the important cities in Palestine. It has a significant location and it has several features to attract people to live in. This results in fast increasing in the number of residents. And therefore, in the number of buildings. Our project is aimed to the design and analysis of footings for Dardouk Residential building in Nablus with plan area of 900 square meters and 10 stories, Nablus, Palestine, Basin NO.7 Rafedia and Parcel NO. B 42, Design of foundation requires a soil study to make the suitable type of foundation and structural design to determine the proportion of the foundation elements. In this project, we have designed the foundations of the building and the basement wall in 3 different soil conditions: Isolated footing taking in consideration that the bearing capacity is 300 KN/m2. Raft foundation taking in consideration that the bearing capacity is 150 KN/m2. Piles taking in consideration that the capacity of each pile is 980 KN/m2 (Pile diameter = 80 cm and pile length = 10m). (Bearing capacity of soil = (120KN/M^2). Finally, we decide to design the footings to support this structure in order to be in safe side and people live happily, because if we do any mistake, the structure may fail and people live in it will die, so we must use the suitable footing.