Implementation of Industrial Engineering Concepts to Improve Al-Reef Factory for Metal Furniture

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Nasrallah, Mahmoud
Jabber, Rami
Abu Alrob, Samer
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Small-scale industries were defined around the world by multiple definitions according to number of employees in the facility, volume of sales per year, capital of investment, market share, profit and farther more there are some definitions according to type of management and ownership. In addition, the definition depends on the country itself through capabilities and industrial and technological development on it. In Palestine small-scale industry have been defined according to Ministry of Economy and Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) as industries with number of workers range from 5 to 19 workers and dominated by the family character. Al-Reef for metal furniture factory is considered a good example for small-scale industry in Palestine, because Al-Reef factory is a family business, and has number of workers equal to ten; so this number of worker is in the range of small-scale industry’s classification as mentioned above. Al-Reef factory was established in 2007 on 500 square meters of leasehold land. Al-Reef factory suffers from many problems: improper layout and no clear production lines which affect negatively on the productivity of the plant, no specified space to store raw materials and finished product which affect negatively in satisfying demand and increase ordering cost of raw material, improper location and infrastructure and absence of proper manufacturing support system. The main goal of this project is to increase the performance, productivity and competitive advantages of Al-Reef factory. To accomplish this goal; the following objectives are to be considered: • Designing proper assembly lines • Designing a proper layout in line with the new assembly lines • Reengineering the material handle methods • Developing necessary manufacturing support system At the end of this project, the researchers were able to implement industrial engineering concepts to improve Al-Reef for metal furniture as an example of small scale industries in Palestine. The deliverables of this project can be summarized as follows: • Profile of the institution including vision and mission • SOPs prepared for most procedures conducted within the institution • Coded forms and SOPs to connect them together • Job description for all employees in the institution • Build an integrated administrative system • Design an effective and efficient production lines which increase productivity and utilization • Conduct an efficient material handling systems that ensure that the transferred item reaches the specified location with the correct quantity at specified time while maintaining its quality • Construct a storage system that facilitate controlling and monitoring the raw materials and has the ability to absorb the expected demand. • Layout is designed to facilitate the process of production, in addition to the optimum utilization of available space to ensure safety standards