Traffic Management for West Central Business District of Nablus

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Due to therecent increase in traffic crashes, traffic jams, and the impact of vehicle exhausts on the environment and human in Nablus City, it important to have solutions to these challenges. The western part of Nablus City center was selected to be the study area,It is bounded by Faisal street from the North, Al Fatemyah street from the South, Nablus main roundabout from the East, Abdullnaser park street from the West. Nablus Governorate considered of the largest in West Bank/Palestineand it is considered as a major economic center in West Bank. Its population about 415,000 in 2021 according to PCBS (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics). It is the destination for large number of people who visit the city every day. As a result, there is large number of vehicles enter and move in city daily; so this project aims to find suitable solutions to make Nablus more beautiful and better place for locals and visitors without experiencing crashes or jams. The methodology followed includes collecting geometric, traffic and pavement conditions data from the field, sitting the area studies, in terms of sidewalks, streets, and intersections. The information have been collected from field visits, Land and Water Settlement Authority site, and Nablus Municipality. This study providessuitable solutionsafter considering scenario of scenarios all aiming to enhancing West of Nablus center for future plans to enable stakeholders to take considerrecommendations: 1- Change directions of some streets. 2- Substitute some traffic signals. 3- Provide alternatives to reduce traffic crashes and jams that may occur in this area (scenario study). 4- Built up a new construction for parking facilities, that will reduce the related problem significantly.