“Community service center: Website & System analysis”

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Mzaen Thaher
Bara Antari
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The Community Service Center (CSC) is a principal unit in serving the community and providing solutions to its problems through implementing community programs in collaboration with institutions and volunteers. The center was established in 1999 in collaboration with McGill University and operates as a community organization deeply rooted in the local community and linked to the university, relying mainly on the volunteer efforts of university students and community members. This project aims to analyze the current traditional system of the center and propose a digitally enhanced and developed system, including the creation of a website for the center. There are several objectives for the project, primarily improving the processes of selecting and managing volunteers, facilitating communication between the organization and its associated volunteers, and streamlining the administration process. The proposed system and website include several features, mainly ease of registration for new users, effective communication between the center and other parties, event publishing, and facilitating participation in, management, and evaluation of events. Additionally, the website allows for better and more efficient management of user accounts and activities, provides many essential and necessary reports that help develop the center and improve the experience, and simplifies the archiving and donation management process. We also employed several security strategies on the site to ensure data privacy and prevent any hacking attempts. During our experience and work on the project, we tried to use, benefit from, and employ as much information and skills as we had acquired during our studies, ensuring all our work was based on the fundamentals we had previously learned, in addition to some new things we learned while working on the project.