Design a Water and Wastewater Network for Qabatiya Town

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Mustafa Ali
Mohammad Alawneh
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Qabatiya town is located 9 Km away south-west of Jenin. The total surface area of Qabatiya is 50.747 Km2, divided to 55 basins. It considers as the second largest town in the government after Jenin City. Its rises around 250m to 450m above mean sea level. The total population in Qabatiya was 24,439 capita in 2017. Qabatiya has a varies terrain with some plains and highlands. Qabatiya has an old water distribution network, part of this network is very old since 1978, The length of the water network is about 70 km covering the entire town. The network suffers from many problems, the most important one is the high loss of water up to about 48.72%. In addition to the lack of water, and control of Israel occupation on water resources and high ratio of water pollution. Qabatiya doesn’t have a wastewater network, so the people in town still using the old way to dispose their wastes by suction and throw it in the valley out of the town, and this way consider a big environmental problem for people how lives there. Our project includes evaluating the existing water distribution network and analyze it, to find out problems in the network such as losses and other problems and to solve these problems. Then we are going to re-design a new water distribution network for the town, and design a wastewater network to serve the whole town. At the end of our project, we expect to get rid of these problems, and to distribute enough quantity of water with good quality for all houses and building in the town, to meet all the needs of the citizens water demand, also to give the citizens a proper way to dispose their wastes instead of the non- environmental old way.