Structural Analysis and Design of Al-Bathan Bridge

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Saleh Ahmed Harbeesh
Shawkat Nabeel
Abed Al Aziz Sameer
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To solve the road congestion problem in Al-Bathan region, abridge is purposed. The analysis and design of the bridge is done by integrated the transportations, surveying and structures fields in such a way we can get a good final result of the bridge. The purpose from this project-is to apply the principles of analysis and design of steel and concrete structures in a useful and real project for our society. The graduation project is divided into two stages. The first one which contains the lay out, loads and modeling of the bridge. This is achieved in this semester by using SAP 2000 software. And the second stage will be in the next semester and will contain the seismic, piers and abutment design, and design of connections also using SAP 2000 and RAM connection software . .