Integrated Redesign of School of Fine Art

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Dwaikat, Leena
Abu Hamed, Dina
Maslamani, Asma’
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Arts are the mirror of the society that reflects its culture and development, and fine arts are one of the important arts that give a taste and touch of beauty to our life. The existence of institutes and colleges for fine art, with a proper design will guide the students to the proper principles of arts, and will make them more creative and able to effectively affect their society. According to what has been mentioned above, The Faculty of Fine art at An-Najah National University was chosen to be redesigned in this project, and this redesign aimed to enhance the performance level of the collage in different aspects such as: structural, architectural, mechanical and others. In addition to solve the problems detected in the evaluation that was done in “Graduation Project I”, to meets the needed requirements. Different methodologies were used through the design, such as making interviews with its Heads of Departments and students to collect more information about their desired design. Then the designed building was analyzed using different tools and software programs, such as: AutoCAD, Revit, ETABS, SAFE, Prokon, Design Builder, ECOTECT, DIAlux. evo and Insol.