Rehabilitation of Al-Seka Road

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Faisal Ghanem
Farah Shaheen
Ibraheem Alawneh
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Jenin City attracts major traffic movement due to the relatively large population size, commercial, and industrial activities. The connection between southern and northern villages is usually made by passing through Jenin CBD area. In order to reduce congestion in Jenin City center it necessary to look for alternatives. One of the alternatives is AL-Seka ring road, which is part of the Master Plan for the city, but it is not opened at its entire width and the last 800m is dirt; accordingly, the aim of the study is to reduce congestion in the center of jenin city. The project is an extension of the proposed ring road in the south to the north west of Jenin. The design and operation to this road will serve the traffic that comes from the villages in the west of Jenin such as (Qabatia and Arabeh). The ring road is expected to reduce traffic congestion in Jenin city center, and the road will increase urbanization in the surrounding areas of the road. The significance of the project is the following:  It forms a main part of the existing ring road in the master plan (MP) of Jenin city.  The functional classification of the road is urban collector with 25m width as stated in MP.  The road is expected to reduce the traffic congestion in the center of Jenin and reduce the delay when traveling from the south of Jenin to the north  Development the areas that are located around the ring road. The project includes the geometric design of the targeted ring road starting from Yousef Asfour Roundabout and ending at Haifa Street. The selection of the road is fully coordinated with Jenin Municipality. The municipality provided all needed data and maps. The design criteria performed based on AASHTO 2011 and using Civil 3D software. The project is composed of two parts of a total length of 3km. The first part is paved with length of 3 km and the width varies from 4m up to 12m, while the second part is dirt with length of 0.8 km and an average width of 6m. Finally, the design included the preparation of horizontal plan, vertical profile, and cross sections of the road as well as design of intersections and pavement. The design includes the calculation of the quantities and costs related to the construction of the road.