DC-DC converters

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Nasser, Marwa
Kahen, Leen
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Power electronic chopper, especially DC/DC converters have been extending their range of applications in industry because of their numerous advantages. Design engineers aren’t always supplied with the desired amount of voltage they need in order to make their design work. Adding an additional voltage supply to a design is not always cost efficient. We can say these types of converters have high efficiency, low cost, simplicity and other advantages we will mention latter. Dc chopper world is a very wide and have diverse types, so three types of them will treat, started with buck converter, boost converter and buck-boost converter. The focus in this part will be at how we can design these converters and how can we choose the correct inductor and capacitor value to reduce current and voltage ripple to achieve the best efficiency. Because, if the ripple reduced, the output current and voltage was more stability. The circuit design was simulated in MATLAP to get the results. In our project we designed a buck converter and boost converter and buck-boost converter and the first step in design was apply the three designs in matlap program in addition we designed controller for each one and we made comparison between converters with and without controller and in last step we have applied the converters practically and we have made comparison between software and hardware result