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Sawalha, Tasneem
Sabra, Yasmeen
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We always strive in our technical specialization to develop the educational process continuously, also we are quick to develop ideas to serve the educational process for the instructors and the students in order to facilitate education for them. So we are developing an application which is a system to create an interactive classroom (E-Class) where students and instructors can communicate easily and friendly by using the main features of the application, like the communication between the lecturer and the student inside and outside the lecture, which provides an effective environment that facilitates the student to get the most amount of benefit from the lecture, treat the problem of shyness of students that prevents them from getting an answer to their questions during the lecture or after it, provide time to the lecturer to choose the most important questions to answer, and examine the understanding of students through direct quizzes during the lecture to know the extent of their understanding of some concepts and analyse the results to know problems and find solutions to develop the lecture. 1- Presentation of the educational material in pdf format, modify it, save changes and write notes. 2- Allow sending questions from student to the lecturer during or after the lecture. 3- Easy to make quizzes directly to students during the lecture to examine the understanding of concepts. 4- Chatting boxes for students with their teachers to communicate easily with them so they can send them questions. E-class will be developed as a website and a mobile application using new trending development frameworks such as React for FrontEnd , node js for BackEnd and React native for mobile.