Applying Lean Manufacturing Tools on Anodizing Process of Aluminium Profiles in NAPCO

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Omar, Ahmad
Hattab, Ahmad
Sa'adeh, Doha
Amireh, Hala
Mansour, Zaid
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The aluminum industry and forming sector in Palestine is considered one of the most important industries, because it is used extensively in the construction sector and the demand for it does not stop throughout the season. NAPCO factory is the biggest example of this industrial sector due to the huge production and market share that it owns in the Palestinian market. This study is concerns on reducing waste for the anodizing processes on NAPCO company to improve the quality and increase the efficiency according to the industrial engineering principles. DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) is one of the most commonly used tools of Lean, this methodology is applied in this project for the anodizing line to achieve the main goals of this study such as eliminating waste of over processing, increase productivity and efficiency with keeping the customer satisficed, taking into account the quality assurance. By applying DMAIC methodology on anodizing process so the potential waste was identified which is over processing by using the quality control tools such brainstorming, histogram, cause and effect diagram, control charts to ensure the stability of the process before and after optimization, collect data and analyze it, with using analysis tools, in order to find out the causes of waste and try to eliminate them. The thickness of the coating collected in taken from 15 working days randomly with a sample size of 5, with keeping other parameters constant. Micron level reduced from 13.13 𝜇𝑚 to 11.85 𝜇𝑚 by reducing time from 28 minutes to 24 meaning a reduction of 4 minutes from the total process time, and this, it was found that this number increased, which leads to a decrease in the number of DPMO between and before improvement.  This improvement led to the main objective of each improvement from the point of view of the company's management, which is profitability, as one of the most important results of this improvement was to increase profitability by 1022 USD per day.