labor market for graduates of management information systems in Palestine

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Sharea, Sana'a
Nassar, Maysam
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The main purpose of this study is to study the labor market specializing in management information systems. We conducted this study in the second semester 2021/2022 at An-Najah National University. In order to collect our research data, we designed a questionnaire using google form.After that we shared this questionnaire with the targeted participants.then we analyzed the data that we gathered from the questionnaire.the result indicated The majority of students were satisfied with their entry and study of the specialty, and most of them applied for jobs in the field of specialization, and there is consensus that the study of the specialization helped them and benefited from their studies in the labor market, but most needed to take courses to be able to work because there is a distance between theoretical study and work and there is difficulty in finding Work as there is discrimination between males and females in the labor market and there are also a number of companies that do not have knowledge of the specialization and the nature of his work and that graduates of the specialization face problems in the subject of employment compared to graduates of other specialties because the specialization does not focus on a particular part during the study like other specialties and often a person needs from 6 to 12 months to find a job and salaries are not satisfactory for the largest proportion of graduates and companies require previous employment experienceThere is no job title for graduates of management information systems.