Car Diagnostic System

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Awadeh, Raghad
Rudab, Abu Yaqoub
Alya, Al Haj Ahmed
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The basic idea of the project is to diagnose problems in cars and give a predefined solution on how to repair the problems in Arabic language. Mechanics in Arab world, face the problem of dealing with the English version, so we invented a solution in the Arabic version of the application. The current working system is consist of a hardware device attached to a car and a mobile application, so the device scans the errors in the car and sends it in the form of digital signals to the application via Bluetooth, or USB then the application, translates these signals into words and looking for them in the database, also find Ways of repairing these errors, all in English language. Due to the several misunderstand of mechanics related to their lack in English knowledge we developed an Arabic version, it is not purely an Arabic translation it is a translation to Arabic especially with Mechanical Terms. After that, the application displays the errors and solutions to repair it to mechanics in a clear form. In the first phase of the project we ,we focused on finding the errors of the car engine and also a single car type (Opel), because of time limitation, but in the future we will work on the rest of the cars parts and for different models.