Layout and Operations Improvement of Al-Barakah Factory for Detergents

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Nawahda, Osama
Kittaneh, Saif
Saleh, Rawan
Jaara, Hamza
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The importance of manufacturing design lies under important approaches of lean manufacturing, operation development and layout design which all contribute in a direct way in a facility to match its demand and minimize its operational costs. A review of some of these important approaches were studied and explained to show its importance to the problem proposed. In this project a study on AlBarakah factory for detergents taking into consideration manufacturing processes and layout design is conducted and analyzed by constructing a definition of the factory and its operations and how the flow is processed along with every department, defining operation times and explaining how every process is made to help understanding the situation of the factory and analyzing its bottlenecks. In order to catch areas for development, a gap analysis was made to spot the light on the factory weaknesses and assess them in a professional way to justify any improvement recommended. As a result, the main aspects needed to be well studied and developed were the layout and the production line of the whole factory in order to match supply and demand. For the layout and process flow aspect, a new 3D design using virtual building software was presented eliminating any bottlenecks discussed in the results, along with making a use of all the space of the factory that can be used to maximize the production rate and get rid of any un-added value activities in the work floor. A comparison between the previous design and the new one proved the feasibility of the new design reaching its goals. For the production system of the factory, a whole product life cycle was developed to match the new design to make sure all data is recorded and the production system is on track.