Design of Primary School in Nablus City

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Dabeek, Bassam
Suboh, Marwan
Ghattass, Shireen
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Schools are one of the most important facilities on which nations and communities are based on. Thus communities that want to promote their people and growth should be concerned with educational facilities. Schools are the bases of the educational process and for this reason it was chosen to be designed after collecting the necessary information and recommendations for schools design in order to reach an appropriate integrated school design. This project aims to integrate the engineering tasks related to buildings. These tasks include, but not limited to, the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs and environmental design considerations. Thus, to reach and understand the design requirements, Beit-Foureek Complex Primary School at Nablus City was taken as a case study to be analyzed and reflect all design requirements (architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical) in it. The architectural design is the first design step that consists of the building shape and orientation, the easily movement and access between the different functions and spaces must be considered, suitable area for spaces, walls design and windows distribution. The environmental design of the building including the thermal comfort, daylight and the acoustical design should be satisfied within the recommendations using computer software programs such as DesignBuilder and Ecotect. To obtain the required safety level a thorough structural design must be performed. A three dimensional model will be constructed, the seismic loads and soil effects will be considered. This model will be constructed using computer programs (Etabs and SAP). The water and sewage system, HVAC system, electrical networks and lightning system are designed through the mechanical and electrical stages. The main output of this project is producing full detailed plans for architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs and will be presented in this report.