Smart Bus System

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Mohammad Nidal Taha
Nasser Ghassan Khaled
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The world is developing rapidly in many areas nowadays. Especially in the technology field. One of those areas where technology is developed and used is ”Transportation and Buses Systems”. Safety, Payment, Monitoring, and Management Systems are examples of the field of Busses and transportation field is developing. Across the world, many bus companies use technology to keep track, organize their buses, and manage them. On the other hand, that is not the case locally. Al Taneeb, Al Waleed, and Al Tamimi are some of the local companies that run the majority of the buses across the country, they use their systems, unfortunately, those systems are old and not that practical. So, to keep pace with this development, local bus companies should use more techno- logy. Facilitating the management of buses for the companies, ensuring safety for passengers, and making their life a little bit easier. Smart Bus System is a system for a company to track its buses’ routes and monitor their movement. Easing the supervision of the whole system by providing subsystems to monitor the buses by using a GPS to locate the bus and track it alongside the path. Safety is important as well! A CO2 detector saves passengers’ lives by opening windows if there is a lack of oxygen , In addition, if a fire occurs on the bus, the water pump willstart working to extinguish the fire and send a message to the admin that there is a fire . regarding the communication between buses and stations, there will be independent communication to keep the system working in case the server goes down showing a bus is arriving at a station or willing to leave one. Finally, in the payment system, RFID cards will be used to pay for bus rides. Note that there is no internal controller in the demo meaning that an external controller will be implemented to simulate the steering wheel by using an application on the phone, and some but tons to communicate with the station. Other systems can be found but they are not covering all implemented features. Most of the already existing systems rely on servers and cannot work without them. More security and safety measures are added. No system is perfect but constant development and adapting to cover weak spots is the way to improve the system.