Smart traffic light using image processing

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Owda Ahmed
Fakher-Aldeen Aseel
Barahmeh Diana
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Traffic congestion has become a serious issue due to the growing number of vehicles. Traffic light control system is widely used to control the flow of road junction. Currently, most of the traffic light system used pre-time and count down timers to control traffic flow. Due to the fixed-time setting, often the system unable to handle unexpected heavy traffic flows and cause traffic jam. Thus, there is a need of adaptive traffic signals which are able to do real time monitoring to control traffic light signal based on traffic density. This project has been implemented by using the MATLAB in Project 1 and Python software in project 2 and it aims to prevent heavy traffic congestion. At first, A web camera is placed in a traffic lane that will capture images of the road on which we want to control traffic, the images are processed to see the traffic Density, Results show that more time are allocated for the vehicles on the densest road to pass, the controller will send the command to the traffic LEDs to show particular time on the signal to manage traffic.