Analysis and redesign of Water Distribution Network for Beita Connect new and old network with GIS and use SCADA system in new network

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Ghada Al-Sheikh Hassan
Mays Zyoud
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An old water distribution network in Beita was designed since 1995 which is 22 years old, some part of network has been renewed in 2005, and so it is to be studied and analyzed to identify problems if it is existed and if needed redesign to be able to determine the volume of water needed by the residents of the town, Our project will be carried out in Bieta as a part of Community based learning project. The network in Bieta does not work effectively, There is a loss of about 40% of water that are pumped to consumers, also the increase of population makes the network expand without planning or prepared studies but randomly. The water network in Beita is not able to feed some places in the town due to the low pressure in those places, this project aims to study the existing network and try to solve this problem by choosing the suitable dimensions (for pipes) and elevations (for nodes) virtually. Methodology starts by collecting data and information from the area of study and from previous studies related to the project, including the total demand, expected population, contour map. And by using the suitable computer software programs such as (WaterCAD), this data will be used to analysis existing network and to redesign the network according to the results in graduation project II . The analysis was done and some of the results were unacceptable, such as: velocity and pressure. We got some velocities below the minimum limit and another above the upper limit, for the pressure we got some negative pressure and pressure higher than the upper limit. According to the results we will redesign the water distribution network to meet the required objectives, we connect the new and old network with GIS then we talk about SCADA system in the water supply network.