OFF grid smart street lighting system

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Sayyed, Adham
Kewan, Thanaa
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The large quantity of electricity in many countries is consumed in lighting the streets. Most of the basic street lighting systems are switched ON/OFF at regular intervals of time. In this thesis, the system is to develop a street light energy saving control system to reduce energy if no vehicles pass through certain roads. Logically, this system may save a large amount of electrical power. In addition, it may increase the lifetime of the lamps and reduce the pollutions. Operation of this the intensity of street lighting to 40% of the maximum intensity if no vehicles passing through the road. When the PIR sensor detects movement of the vehicle, block the street lights will be switched to 100% intensity. Arduino microcontroller has been used as a controller for the project. In addition, among other components used for this system is the PIR sensor and current sensor. PIR sensor functions as a vehicle detector will be sent a signal to the Arduino will control the intensity of the LED while the current sensor is used as the current detector LED lamp. The prototype for the street lighting energy saving control system also has safety usage that is the light will not turn OFF completely but only dimming and the user can easily see from far away and the light will fully turn ON if it detecting movement. The system has shown great energy savings and if the system can be upgraded with many functions and user-friendly the system can be commercialized and the cost for retrofitting the street lighting energy saving control system can be lowered.