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Fattouh, Suhad
sayeh, Doaa
johare, Dana
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The idea of our project is a website for healthy nutrition due to the importance of healthy nutrition for humans, where nutrition is eating healthy food that provides the body with energy, and all the nutrients that the body needs in order to maintain its health. People’s needs for healthy nutrition differ in terms of the quality and quantities of food and the nature of diets, each according to its purpose of this nutrition and food regulation. Some of them want a system to lose weight, some of them want a system to lose fat, to gain weight, to build muscle and to build body Other goals that differ from one person to another, and are given to him according to the nutritional status of each participant, including his eating habits and physical measurements, and he may sometimes need a number of medical tests based on the condition of the disease to find out the appropriate nutritional health intervention. Hence the need for nutrition experts to help people achieve their various nutritional goals, as well as special assistance for diabetics to follow up on them and give them a diet for a good healthy life and alleviate the symptoms of the disease and treat it if possible, or adapt to it well. Therefore, we chose this idea and decided to create this site to bring together nutrition experts and special experts for diabetics, as this site facilitates the provision of services between experts and users We also provided through it the possibility of participating in a gym in the city of Nablus, and booking an appointment at a diabetes clinic also in Nablus The beneficiaries of this site: First, nutrition experts, which will enable them to follow up on subscribers through the site and save time and effort and reach more subscribers from different cities and places. Second: People who want to follow up on nutrition experts to organize their nutrition for various goals, such as: Weight loss, weight gain, tournament preparation, bodybuilding, diets for pregnant women... Whether they want to follow up remotely without having to go to the nutritionist’s website or follow-up face to face, as they will be able to follow up fully through the site and reliably. Services that the site will provide: Health education, general articles and healthy recipes The possibility of calculating the ideal weight and calories needed according to physical data Knowing the calories in foods (the ability to search for any type of food and know its calories) Request a follow-up from a nutritionist by filling out a special questionnaire and communicating with her through the website for full follow-up Registration in the gym in Nablus Request a follow-up from a diabetes expert by filling out a special questionnaire Book an appointment at the diabetes clinic in Nablus Special offers for customers who come to the gym and clinic through the site, such as free examinations for the first time for subscribers coming from the site and a discount on gym membership and others.