Remotely Operatedunderwater unmanned Vehicle (ROV)

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Salman, Diya
Owiesi, Adham
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The main object of ROV“remotely operated underwater unmannedvehicle” is to help specialists explore the deep sea without endangering themselves by attacking whales, predatory fishAnd the search for the remains of the planes and ships that are falling in the seas and is soft and used by some countries such as the United States of America previously. We have come to this project to transfer video directly from the depths of the water where Raspberry-pi will be used. The important thing in this project is to control the GPIOpins drives in the Raspberry-pi plate, where the MATLAB will enter the process directly, taking into account many issues related to insulation and Balance within water. The different thing in this project is the integration of several scientific branches related to electricity, communication and control to get out a practical robot in the scientific and exploratory field. The ROV project is a practical project that can be used as a practical application in scientific researches