Operations Improvement for Al-Shunnar for Food Industries (GRADUATION PROJECT II)

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Abu Mohsen, Abdullah
Abdulfattah, Anas
Othman, Mosup
Awad, Omar
Malik, Younis
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Producer companies are facing nowadays a severe and concentrated competition in which the major goal is to ensure sustainable quality and productivity. Smart manufacturing is the most dominating type in the industry, which aims at achieving aggregation, as well the repetitive human processes. This is the approach industries work, those industries whose productivity is significantly influenced by efficiency as well as by the interests of manual workers who work with raw materials and operating apparatus. Our project study case is about Al-Shunnar for food industries. The main purposes of our case study is to check whole operations, and manufacturing processes in the factory, check if the ability to manufacture is above or under the overall ability and monitor all processes, and then analyze them reach to our goal. With the help of managers and employees, we figured out all the obstacles they face. To attain those goals, the best option might be smart production which might lead to the flow of production. It would also overcome all challenges resulting from current planning, resource arrangement, designing an enhanced and integrated planning for the future, and drawing worthwhile maps. In the end, results will be discussed and recommendations will be proposed to achieve the manufacturing goals we suggested which include customers’ satisfaction, and smooth production flow. Build new warehouses, a new layout for the whole factory, add a new safety system. And implement the mechanism and concepts in Inventory management and facility layout.