Scientific Research Center

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Kabaha, Basher
Karmi, Mohammad
Nawahda, Mohammad
Salah Al-Dean, Ibrahim
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This project is a Scientific Research Centre located in Nablus, Palestine. The area of the project is about 16,000 m2. The implementation of such a project gives many benefits, the most important of which is to conducting scientific research related to the environmental aspect, which positively reflects on the use of renewable energy. The aim of this project is to get an integrated design for a scientific research centre project. So a number of aspects should be taken in consider in this project. The first is the evaluation of architectural plans, make the structural system suitable for the building. And finally achieve the suitable Electrical Mechanical Plumbing (MEP) design for the building. The methodology that was adopted in this report is reviewing the design criteria and codes, which contain a comprehensive study of the specifications and standard for the various spaces of the building, perform site analysis and conducting a case study analysis. Finally doing the appropriate needed design alternative in terms of structure and MEP systems for the building. There are some similar project in Palestine, but this project is considered to be the first one in terms of its size and laboratories. Also, in the course of achieving that a BIM system to assist the integration design process was adopted throughout the design process.