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  • Chemical Analysis Of Three Wild Edible Plants To Determine There Nutritional Content 

    Hamed, Roaa; Ashqar, Zainab (2020-07-05)
    There are many edible wild plants, widespread in Palestinian society, usually grow in the Various months of the year, and these wild edible plants are used in traditional recipes.
  • Nutrition related Website for children under one year of age 

    Ziyad, Aseel; Omariya, Hala (2020-07-05)
    Feeding a child in the first months of his life is a big challenge, and it comes from the difficulties that is faced the mothers and their inability to obtain reliable information about child’s nutrition at this age or ...
  • Product to-be Pectin CH-NPs edible film 

    Jaber, Zamzam (2020-07-05)
    Create a product which is fortified flavored cheese slices warpped individually with edible film.
  • Effect of Natural preservatives on Quality and Shelf-Life of Hummus Product 

    Qatu, Reham; Odeh, Nour; Hamad, Abeer (2020-07-05)
    The addition of antimicrobial agents has become necessary in food manufacturing to*(3) : prevent increasing of microbial load extend the shelf life of finished product maintain the quality and safety of products ...
  • Evaluation of the viability of encapsulated probiotic in some food-waste products. 

    Salleh, Taher; Alqafrawi, Qusai; Garaba, Osaid (2020-07-05)
    There are huge quantities of agricultural waste around the world estimated at 5.5 billion tons annually, according to the Brazilian study in 2018 One of these waste coconut waste, the countries famous for its cultivation ...
  • Oral hydration solution with addition of probiotic 

    Qadan, Saad; Al-sheikh, Ronahi (2019-12-23)
    The four ingredients of ORS (glucose, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and trisodium citrate) in the concentrations described in this document yield an effective solution for rehydration and for the prevention of ...
  • Effect of Freezing Storage on the Quality of Pita Bread. 

    Anbis, Ola; Al-Naser., Afnan (2019-05-19)
    Freezing of bread is today's common practice in the bread Preservation in Palestine. The benefit of freezing process:- extreme prolongation of bread shelf-life. reduced bread waste. related economical losses. gave ...
  • Formulation of Low Salt Roasted Nuts. 

    Noor, Deema; Qashou, Asmahan (2019-05-19)
    Sodium chloride (NaCl) is the chemical of dietary salt is about 40% sodium and 60% chloride . Sources : Most of our sodium intake is from salt added to foods The majority from restaurant and processed foods Is very ...
  • Effect of Different Edible Coating Solutions on the Quality and Shelf-Life of Strawberry (Fragaria Ananasa) 

    Hamdan, Fathia; Ammar, Mohamad (2019-05-19)
    Improving quality and extending shelf-life of strawberry & Extraction protein from industrial by-product. .
  • Bicycle Blender of Energy Balance 

    Sabbah, Yara; Nazzal, Jannat (2019-05-19)
    A blinder bike which is a bike with an attached blender powered entirely by its rider.
  • Evaluation of QoL of a Group of Obese Palestinian Attending Weight – Management Center 

    Attili, Noor (2018-12-20)
    Over the past decade, evaluation of health-related quality of life (HRQL) has become an essential clinical and research outcome measurement. It is important to remember that the primary thera­peutic goal of any obesity ...
  • Date Seeds 

    Saleh, Wisam; Jaber, Mawadda; Awayes, Sarah; Abu-Kafi, Sali (2018-12-20)
    Date seeds considered a waste product of many date processing plants producing pitted dates, date syrup and date confectionery.Date seeds (pits) comprise 6–12 % of total weight in date stage (completely ripe date fruit), ...
  • Commercial Forms of Fermented Sesame Cake By S. Boulardii 

    Sadder, Hiba (2018-12-20)
    Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is a plant of high nutritious value with a high amount of proteins composed mainly of sulfur-amino acids (methionine), essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, amongst them, calcium is ...
  • Dietary Habits Amongst a Group of Palestinian ASD Children 

    Arafat, Jamila (2018-12-20)
    Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Because of the range of symptoms, ...
  • Absence of legal slaughterhouse and its impact on health 

    Harb, Yasmeen; Salman, Rawan (2018-08-09)
    The health of the individual is one of the most important things to pay attention and the first concerns about the health of the individual follow the attention to the safety of the food he is eating
  • الرضاعة الطبيعية وتغذية الأم المرضعة 

    Manna, Yusra (2018-08-09)
    الرضاعة هي العملية الطبيعية التي تتلو الولادة وهي مهمة جدا وتقوي العلاقة بين الام وطفلها بالإضافة لفوائدها الكثيرة. تقوم الغدد الموجودة في الثدي (mammary glands) بإنتاج الحليب وتتكون هذه الغدد خلال مرحلة البلوغ ولكنها ...
  • Together to challenge Alzheimer's 

    -, Rana; -, Shoruq (2018-08-09)
    The elderly are marginalized and lack of attention and supportt, And some believe that death is coming anyway, so care or not does not prevent death. In through our hospital training we saw some case suffer of Lack ...
  • Monosodium glutamate and its relationship to food safety 

    Mansour, Malak; Natoor, Aisha (2018-08-09)
    Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is one of several forms of glutamic acid found in foods, in large part because glutamic acid (an amino acid) is pervasive in nature. MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer with an ...
  • السرطان والتغذية 

    Abo-ebaid, Watan (2018-05-09)
    تناول الأنواع الصحيحة من الطعام قبل وخلال وبعد العلاج تساعد على تحسين صحتك والتخفيف من مضاعفات وأعراض المرض وتعزيز قوتك.كما أن التغذية السليمة قد تكون السبب في محاربة المرض والوقاية منه.
  • The Food Calorie Specified Menu 

    Hasan, Sawsan; shalabi, Isra’a (2018-05-09)
    People tend to visit restaurant more often these days, and they are not aware of the energy content in the food they usually order. A lot of people are not aware of their energy need, which is a reason of a lot of health ...

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