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    Formulation of low-sodium Nabulsi cheese by using potassium
    (2021-01-07) Manar Naseem; Zain Al Deen
    Nabulsi cheese was produced in a small factory belong to Al-Najah National University located at Tulkarem city, Palestine. Nabulsi cheese was manufactured by using pasteurized cow milk (65 ̊C), and the rennet was added to produce curd. The curd was cut into similar-sized cubes (3 * 3 cm) and set for 15 minutes to rest. After that, the curd was transferred to cheesecloth and molded into rectangular blocks by pressing (>0.4MPa) to drain the whey. Three brine solutions (A: 100% NaCl (control), B: 80% NaCl + 20% KCl, and C: 60% NaCl + 40% KCl) were prepared to submerge the cheese cubes and stored at 4 ̊C for 12 days.
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    Knowledge of food safety and hygiene practices among An-Najah National University students / questionnaire based study
    (2023-05-30) Saja Qararih
    As we know, knowledge of food safety and hygiene practices among university students is very important. University students are receiving a good knowledge and experience in their fields of specialties but it is laso important to evaluate their knowledge and practices in food safety because they have strong impact in their society and families. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the impact of the education process on awareness and the knowledge of food safety. In this way, we can ensure if there is a need to raise awareness and improve food safety practices between university students.
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    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food safety management system in small and medium-sized enterprises in north Palestine
    (2021-12-29) Shatha Toubah; Sondos Zuraiqy
    The aim of this researh to study what is the extent of small and medium-sized enterprises in apply food safety system standards in normal? and has the Corona pandemic affected the improvement of the food safety system in small and medium enterprises in a positive way, or did it not have any effect?
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    Evaluation the microbiological, physical and sensory characteristics of selected cereal in northern Palestine
    (2021-12-29) Tasneem Zakarni; Aya Atya
    Research aims to achieve the following objectives:Evaluation of the microbiological characteristics including enumeration of total aerobic bacteria and fungi (yeast and mold).Determination of the moisture content by using air oven methods.Evaluation of the organoleptic properties of food Product, (Color, flavor, moldy, spoilage symptoms, earthy flavor and degree of freshness). Assessment color traits (CIE; L*a* b*) by chromate meter 410.
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    Formulation sugar free and natural strawberry yogurt
    (2022-05-30) Tasneem Quqa
    possibility to formulate sugar-free sweetened yogurt with monk fruit sugar and xylitol without affecting sensory perception. It was also found that increasing the amount of natural strawberries in the yogurt had no negative impact on the product. The project aims to establish a production facility to produce a natural strawberry yogurt without artificial flavors and sugar.