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    The effect of supplement sour cream by addition L.casei on characteristics of sour cream during shelf life
    (2021-05-27) Dawod, Heba; Shalabi, Mais
    It’s possible to supplement Lactobucillus casei in sour cream with maintain good viability of Lactobucillus casei during shelf life. In addition it meets the consumers’ acceptance.
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    Preparation Avocado Powder
    (2020-12-27) Abushamat, Mahmoud; Sabbah, Mohammad
    Avocado is a green fruit with large and dark leathery skin. Its unique fruit. There are a 30 type of avocado all around the world. in this study I used the Hass type(Persea americana) .
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    Effect of Nutrition on IVF
    (2021-01-07) Zubaidy, Balsam; Anbtawie, Ola
    Nutrition has a major and essential role in the IVF process. Nutrition is the basic rule for a pregnancy to actually occur fertilization, as the food that a man or woman eats can have an effect on the growth of eggs and sperm, as well as on the health of the fetus during pregnancy, so it is important to focus on it well, especially when pregnant through artificial insemination.
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    Formulation of low-sodium Nabulsi cheese by using potassium chloride
    (2021-01-06) Zain Al Deen, Manar; Mudalal, Samer
    Study the characteristics of the cheese after the partial replacement of the sodium salt of the physical microbial growth , and the shelf life of the refrigerator temperature.
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    Nutrition Website for Autistic Children
    (2021-01-06) Baker, Aya; Sabbah, Mohammed
    There are no accurate statistics on the number of people with autism in the Palestinian territories, but unofficial estimates indicated that their number reached 5,000 children, while the United Nations indicated in a report issued at the end of last year that about 1% of the world’s population had autism, which is about 70 million people.