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  • The Response of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Seedling to Foliar Application of Cultar (Paclobutrazol) Under Controlled Conditions 

    Saeed, Hisham; Qteet, Husni; Melhem, Ansam; Shtayeh, Ramez; Mansor, Saif (2018-12-24)
    Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) belongs to the Solanaceae family, considered as one of the most widely grown vegetable in the world, with a very high daily consumption compared to other vegetables. Tomato has being also ...
  • The Effect of Salinity on Chlorophyll Content, Relative Water Content and Growth of Local Wheat Landraces 

    Yasin, Ahmad; Fatoom, Jawad; Jebreen, Muntaser (2018-12-24)
    Wheat is one of the most ancient cultivated cereals. It is the first most important cereal crop in the world. The total cultivated area in the world is 218543071 ha producing 35312 hg/ha.The total cultivated area in Palestine ...
  • Evaluation of QoL of a Group of Obese Palestinian Attending Weight – Management Center 

    Attili, Noor (2018-12-20)
    Over the past decade, evaluation of health-related quality of life (HRQL) has become an essential clinical and research outcome measurement. It is important to remember that the primary thera­peutic goal of any obesity ...
  • Date Seeds 

    Saleh, Wisam; Jaber, Mawadda; Awayes, Sarah; Abu-Kafi, Sali (2018-12-20)
    Date seeds considered a waste product of many date processing plants producing pitted dates, date syrup and date confectionery.Date seeds (pits) comprise 6–12 % of total weight in date stage (completely ripe date fruit), ...
  • Commercial Forms of Fermented Sesame Cake By S. Boulardii 

    Sadder, Hiba (2018-12-20)
    Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is a plant of high nutritious value with a high amount of proteins composed mainly of sulfur-amino acids (methionine), essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, amongst them, calcium is ...
  • Dietary Habits Amongst a Group of Palestinian ASD Children 

    Arafat, Jamila (2018-12-20)
    Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Because of the range of symptoms, ...
  • Absence of legal slaughterhouse and its impact on health 

    Harb, Yasmeen; Salman, Rawan (2018-08-09)
    The health of the individual is one of the most important things to pay attention and the first concerns about the health of the individual follow the attention to the safety of the food he is eating
  • الرضاعة الطبيعية وتغذية الأم المرضعة 

    Manna, Yusra (2018-08-09)
    الرضاعة هي العملية الطبيعية التي تتلو الولادة وهي مهمة جدا وتقوي العلاقة بين الام وطفلها بالإضافة لفوائدها الكثيرة. تقوم الغدد الموجودة في الثدي (mammary glands) بإنتاج الحليب وتتكون هذه الغدد خلال مرحلة البلوغ ولكنها ...
  • Together to challenge Alzheimer's 

    -, Rana; -, Shoruq (2018-08-09)
    The elderly are marginalized and lack of attention and supportt, And some believe that death is coming anyway, so care or not does not prevent death. In through our hospital training we saw some case suffer of Lack ...
  • Monosodium glutamate and its relationship to food safety 

    Mansour, Malak; Natoor, Aisha (2018-08-09)
    Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is one of several forms of glutamic acid found in foods, in large part because glutamic acid (an amino acid) is pervasive in nature. MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer with an ...
  • Effect of Antihistamine on Acceleration of Wound healing in Rabbits 

    Abu Malash, Monjed; Shalabi, Abdel Hafeeth (2018-05-16)
    Wound healing or wound repair is the natural process of regeneration of tissue after injured. The surgical intervention may need for treat of some diseases in animal . Because is more stress and painful for animal and ...
  • Classification of Pneumonic Sheep Lung From Slaughterhouse According to Histopathology 

    Hroub, Mohammad; Jibreen, Alaa (2018-05-16)
    Pneumonia is considered as one of the most common disease affecting sheep. Its responsible for major economic losses through high lamb mortality rates, reduced weight gain, condemnation of lungs in slaughterhouses. In ...
  • A Survey of Hepatic Lesions in Slaughter Sheep 

    Shalabi, Ahmad; Aqtash, Fawzi; Baniodeh, Tawfiq (2018-05-16)
    Food animals such as sheep, goats and cattle represent a major source of high-quality food for human (John K. Loosli et al., 1809). On the other hand, they severe as a major vehicle for transmission of diseases to human ...
  • Effect of Bacteria on Germination of Barley Grown Under Wide Salt Range Stress 

    Sakhen, Wael; Daragmeh, Omar; Al-Fares, Ansam; Qarash, Donia; Jabi, Abdullah; Howari, Nidal; Ayoub, Mohammad (2018-05-16)
    Barley is the fourth most important cereal crop in the world after Wheat, Maize and rice. Barley originated in or near the area bordering Syria and Iraq with Iran and Turkey ( fertile crescent). Barley can adapted under ...
  • Using Yeast in Tomato Production 

    Atawnah, Waleed; Mansour, Hamza; Ateeq, Mahmoud; Khlaif, Ayman; Zakef, Osama (2018-05-16)
    Tomato considered one of the most important vegetables in Palestine, so there is many efforts to improve its yield and properties as producing new cultivares,to improve the surrounding environment and in our case using ...
  • Growing Beneficial Bacteria on Different Levels of Salinity 

    Atawnah, Waleed; Mansour, Hamza; Ateeq, Mahmoud; Khlaif, Ayman; Zakef, Osama (2018-05-16)
    There is several types of micro organisims, ones are can cause harm and others are beneficial as: EM1, Bacillus megaterium(BM) or Pseudomonas fluorescens (PF).
  • Micropropagation of GF-677 rootstocks (Prunus amygdalusx P. persica) 

    Marab, Osama; Abad, Taj aldeen; Qalalweh, Mohammed; Rabaya, Alaa (2018-05-16)
    GF-677 is one of the most suitable rootstocks for almond and peach used in calcareous soils to overcome lime-induced chlorosis. This hybrid produces strong roots and has a good potential for pests and diseases.
  • The Effect of Salinity and Bacteria on Wheat Emergence 

    Howari, Nidal; Qarash, Donia; Ayoub, Mohammad; Sakhen, Wael; Daragmeh, Omar; Al-Fares, Ansam; Jabi, Abdullah (2018-05-16)
    Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. Salinity is one of the most brutal environmental factors limiting the productivity of crop plants because most of the crop ...
  • Effect of Feeding Corn Silage on Milk Quantity and Quality in Dairy Assaf Ewes 

    Abo Omar, Khaleel; Mohammad, Khaleel; Toubah, Zakiya; Yaseen, Sulieman; Hijazi, Mohammed; Fares, Mohannad (2018-05-14)
    Population in Palestine is increment at high rate. The populace development rate assessed to be 3.5%. Growth of human population is also accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the demand for feed ingredient. This has ...
  • مدى انتشار ذبابة أوراق و أغصان الزيتون في مناطق شمال الضفة الغربية خلال عام 2018 

    طحاينة, أكرم; زيدان, يزن; سليمان, صهيب; صوافطة, النمر; بدوي, داليا (2018-05-13)
    تعد أشجار الزيتون من المحاصيل الزراعية الرئيسية في الأراضي الفلسطينية ، وتعتبر هذه الشجرة الأكثر انتشارا بالمقارنة مع أشجار الفاكهة الأخرى حيث تشكل مساحة أكثر من 80% من مساحة الأشجار المثمرة . أما بالنسبة لأصناف الزيتون ...

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