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    Determination of Total Protein and Albumin in Assaf Sheep in Palestine
    (2021-01-06) Khalil, Noor; Abu Salha, Adnan; Abu Omar, Jamal
    The Palestinians are one of the peoples in the world most dependent on food abroad, and the agricultural sector is declining, as it contributed about 5% of the gross national product in 2009 compared to 13% in 1993. This decline has many causes, including Israeli policies of land expropriation, limited control over water resources, and the difficulty of exporting to foreign markets.
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    Performance of Broiler Chickes ,Fed Different Dietary Fat Sources.
    (2020-08-26) Banishamseh, Ayham; Yacoub, Ahmad; Assi, Jawad; Salman, Ibrahim; Daoud, Mashoor; Hammad, Mohammed; Alyan, Huda; Zaazaa, Ahmad
    The inclusion of fat and oil is a common practice in modern poultry production to increase the energy content of diet, improves the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, increases the palatability of the rations, and increases the efficiency of the consumed energy (lower caloric increment).
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    Effect of Feeding Corn Silage on Milk Quantity and Quality in Dairy Assaf Ewes
    (2018-05-14) Abo Omar, Khaleel; Mohammad, Khaleel; Toubah, Zakiya; Yaseen, Sulieman; Hijazi, Mohammed; Fares, Mohannad; Zaazaa , Ahmad
    Population in Palestine is increment at high rate. The populace development rate assessed to be 3.5%. Growth of human population is also accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the demand for feed ingredient. This has already resulted in the deterioration of natural grazing area ,and lead to marked decrease in animal performance. Livestock play an important role in the local Palestinian agriculture sector, which estimated as 38% of total agricultural sector income. In Palestine, the cost of feeding is more than 55% of the total cost of animal production, where most of ingredient are imported from foreign source at high cost then makes an attempt for utilization byproducts as elements of animal feeds would decrease the overall price of feeding , that might increase the profitability to livestock producers. During dry times and drought there are a wide range of alternative feedstuffs that can be used to maintain and grow stock , like: feed blocks and silage . The silage is an important agricultural technique for maintaining and increasing the productivity of herds, especially during the off-season, when there is scarcity of food for ruminants. Among the various forages corn is one of the most used in ruminant nutrition by presenting a good yield of green matter, excellent quality fermentation and maintaining nutritional value of silage, low operating cost of production , and is grown in various soil and climatic conditions . The objective of these study was to determine the effect of corn silage on ewes performance and milk quality.