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Task Management System (TMS)

dc.contributor.advisorLuai M. Malhis
dc.contributor.authorMostafa Taha
dc.description.abstractOnline task manager and online to do list that helps individuals and businesses effectively organize their projects and tasks. The importance of this project comes from the need of using single software that can be used to control many of the operations, tasks, appointments and meetings for individuals and also for teams and small companies. This software will reduce the costs of buying several softwares to do these operations.  The project is based on two parts, the first is that the user is able to set up private appointments appear on the calendar, and the second is that the user is able to set up groups called organizations which are different types such as dashboards and meetings, this application can be developed by adding different categories of groups.en
dc.description.abstract. .ar
dc.titleTask Management System (TMS)en
dc.titleTask Management System (TMS)ar
dc.typeGraduation Project

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