Recent Submissions

  • Evaluation of the Water Distribution System for the NW Pressure Zone in Nablus City 

    Saleh, Hisham; Abu Hani, Belal; Kababji, Bilal; Alkateeb, Ahmad (2018)
    Water is one of the most important elements for all human beings on Earth, and it may be a political issue especially in Palestine with Israeli military because of the limited resources, so as engineers it is a majority ...
  • Design of Future Transportation System For Palestine Technical University 

    Shayeb, Mahmoud; Saadeh, Bashar; Jammal, Firas (2018)
    Abstract In the last period, after looking at the amount of complaints of traffic congestion in the city generally and in the university specially, it was necessary to find a solution using a certain sequence to facilitate ...
  • Analysis and Design of the Attil's Waterworks 

    Jallad, Hossni; Ameed Heshme; Alaa Demide; Hisham Hamad (2018-01)
    Water distribution systems play a vitally important role in preserving and providing a desirable life quality to the public. It has been in the past that much of the effort in the design of water distribution systems ...
  • Water Resources Management of Qalqilia Governorate 

    Bara’ Abu Tabikh; Barham, Reem; Shawahni, Mariam (2018-01)
    Water is defined as the liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes, and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter. It’s used for drinking, agricultures, industrials and many other ...
  • Structural Design of Al-Quds Open University in Salfi 

    Ahmed Ibrahim Sale; Hind Fuad Tbaile; Karim Abdelhakim Aljawhar (2015)
    Al-Quds Open University is a mid-sized university which was founded in 1991, it has several branches located almost in all the Palestinian cities, such as Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, Gaza, Jericho, Bethlehem and Qalqilya. This ...
  • Arbitration as a Dispute Resolution Technique in Construction Projects 

    Mohammed F. Jarrar; Laith M. Al-Ghoul; Mohammed Shalabi; Ameer Zeidan (2015)
       Arbitration is the dispute resolution of two-contracted-parties in an engineering project. Its importance lays on recognizing the methods by which dispute is resolved and the procedure it goes through. It is ...
  • Design of a water distribution network and wastewater collection network for Asira al-Qibliya village 

    Doa'a H. Khloof; Raw'a M. Najjar; Sewar Abo Abed (2015)
    Water is life . It supports the immense diversity of life on earth. The problem in fresh water storage supply is a serious problem that the world tries to deal with . Nowadays, water distribution networks serve many purposes ...
  • Evaluation and Redesign of Rojeeb Street 

    Mohammed Sabri Jarrar; Ayman Ziyad kmail; Mohammed Waleed Ibraheem (2015)
    Nablus City is one of the important cities in Palestine. It has a significant location that connects it with other cities in Palestine like Jenin, Tulkarm, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Therefore, the importance of its location ...
  • Investigating the Overhead Cost in the Construction Projects 

    Anas Bsharat; Hasan Zaidan; Muhannad Abu Daher; Ahmad Dababbat (2015)
    Construction is one of the main sectors in the Palestinian national economy. Since nineties the observable expansion of this sector has led to the revival of the construction profession, promoted and encouraged new investments ...
  • Structural Design of Al- Emara Building 

    Oday Ghassan Hamdan; Mutaz Ziad Banna; Hala Abdullah Abu Ghdaib; Amro Hafiz Shaheen (2015)
    Our structural building (Al-Emara) represents a multifunctional system which lies on Rafedia Village.    Design of this building will promote our skills in Static and Dynamic design. Also, to be capable of using ...
  • Claims in a Construction Projects 

    MuatazKiwan; LuaiTaha; AmjadKhalifeh; Tariq Salami (2015)
    In the last twenty years, claims for additional compensation and time extensions on construction projects have increased to such a degree that they have become almost commonplace. Recently projects are even more complex. ...
  • Automated Capping System ( ACS ) 

    Rajab Sbaihat; Mhamad Hamza; Salah Babaa; Mhamad Zubdeh (2015)
    Food industry is the second largest industry in Palestine with a 24% of the size market after clothing industry , vegetable oil and fats industry like Tahina have 20% of the size of the market, which has 16.8% of the rate ...
  • Three Dimensional Design of Al-sakhl Residential Building Under Gravity and Seismic Loads 

    Mohammad Jameel Yaseen; Ali Naser Sawalha; Anas Nsha't Alawni; Abdulkarim Marwan Ghozzi (2016)
    16 4786 . (  (ETABS 2015 ( )  (AutoCAD) (ACI/UBC)  
  • Structural Analysis And Dynamic Design Of "Bonyan Building" 

    Fu'ad AL-Khalde; Ramzi Droobi; Mahmoud Hmedat; Mohanad Johar (2016)
    , 11 , 3 , 8 , 13000 2 , . . SAP2000  . , Two Way Ribbed Slab and Two Way Solid Slab. . Gravity , .  
  • Structural Design of Al-Awqaf Bulding in Nablus 

    Hamza Omar Isleem; Saad Hosam Kitaneh; Mohammad Abdallah Robo; Raja Sabra (2016)
    . .  " " . 13 . IBC2012 UBC94 . Sap2000 AutoCAD .  
  • Improving The Treatment Plant For Sarra Village 

    Asmaa Mohammad Turabi; Doaa Fuad Jawabri; Ruba Mohammad Mansour (2015)
      .. 2013 .. . .       .       ..   . , ...  ...   ...
  • Affordable Housing Units (Case study Gaza Strip) 

    Husam Qissi; Mojahed Mostafa; Rajai Awwad; Saed Allosh (2014)
    Three alternative housing units were designed using timber, steel and shipping containers, in order to assess their characteristics ability to be converted, after applying proper modifications like thermal insulation, into ...
  • Software for Retaining Walls Design 

    Azzam Allam Naji Alrandi (2014)
    Retaining Walls are structures used to support and retain unstable masses of earth, Due to the huge local Demand for these structure such a convenient, flexible, user-friendly and practical software will be presented, based ...
  • Analysis and Design of Attil Water Supply Network 

    Aya Abu Zaydeh; Shayma' Amarneh (2014)
     Abstract  The aim of this project is to analyze an existing network and modify or redesign the network to meet the requirements for the next 25 years. This will be done using the EPANET software. The final ...
  • Structural Analysis and Design of Yabad Secondary School under Static and Dynamic Loads 

    Ahmad Mohamad Zahalqa; Hiba Basil Isam Hasoun; Ahmad Hasan Al-Husain; Hanan Ahmad Rida Jafar; Mohammad Shtaya (2014)
    In this report, we present the details of the structural analysis and design of Ya'bad secondary school for boys.  The school is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of 3 building blocks, 3 floors each having ...

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