Captive Club Application. System Analysis and Design Through Figma

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Sundos Dela
Eman Nasser
Akram Emad
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Abstract: Through this research, our project of the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission, located in the city of Ramallah and has several branches in the Palestinian governorates, was discussed, and contact was made with the Nablus branch, which was established in 1993. After a detailed study of the system followed by the Prisoners Affairs Authority, methods of communication with them and their families, and the services that are provided to prisoners and their families. Provides services to the families of prisoners and released prisoners - targeting families of prisoners of all ages Based on a study conducted with the responsible “Manager”, we analyzed the current situation based on the cases that reach the club, how to follow up on their affairs, salaries, educational and professional services that the prisoner receives. Analyzes that showed us that there are several problems in the process of registering new detainees, modifying their data, and communicating with their families, and this leads to disruption in the registration process, loss of data of prisoners, and difficulty in communicating with their families. Therefore, we followed ways to improve, develop, and reduce problems in the registration process, and design special pages through a design program the screens are "figma" and special pages are designed for each of the employees and users to facilitate the process of communication with each other. In addition, the application presents all the services provided by the Palestinian Prisoner Club, which the prisoner's family can use in an easy and simple way that suits all age groups, in addition to the advantages in terms of aesthetics, complexity and high privacy. In the application, we were able to reach results showing the extent of improvement and solving previous problems